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Information for presenters


Sunday 3 pm to 7 pm at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, and Monday to Friday 8am to 9am at Kristine Bonnevies hus at the University campus. Registration is mandatory for all participants. You will receive your welcome package, nametag and program. The registration desk will remain open all week for latecomers and to buy the book of abstracts and T-shirts.

Nametags and security

You will receive your nametag at registration, which you must wear at all times during the conference. It will give you access to all conference buildings, the sessions, the social events, as well as any food or drinks served during breaks.

Your talk

All rooms are equipped with a computer, a video projector and a sound system. You will need to bring your presentation on a USB key in either PowerPoint or pdf format. If you wish to use your own laptop, make sure you can connect to VGA, or bring your own adapter. Make sure to arrive well before your session starts. This will allow you to transfer your presentation file to the computer, make sure everything works properly, and meet with the session chair for instructions.

Session chairs

If you are the session chair, please make sure you arrive early to the session, as you are responsible for the coordination of the speakers. As chair, you will monitor the timing of the talks depending on the format of the session. You will have colored signs to indicate the time remaining to the presenters.

Individual papers

Individual paper sessions will need to designate a chair; we suggest that the last presenter be acting chair, to be replaced by the first during their talk. As with organized sessions, the chair is responsible for the timing of the talks and discussion.

Poster and diverse format sessions

The display panels can accommodate posters up to 96 cm wide and 138 cm high (37,7 x 54,3 in). The poster session will be on Tuesday 9th from 6pm to 8pm. Installation of the posters and all equipment for the diverse format presentations will take place after lunch on Tuesday.