The Oslo 2019 ISHPSSB meeting starts on Sunday 7 July with social events such as welcome speeches, reception with soft drinks and finger food, museum tours and film viewings at The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. The last day of the meeting will be Friday 12 July with half-day of presentations and special tours in Oslo after the end of the program.

Keynote speakers

Fern WicksonFern Wickson

Fern Wickson

Fern Wickson is an Australian citizen who has been living in Norway for over a decade. She is a Research Professor of Environmental Governance and holds an interdisciplinary PhD across biology and political science. Her work has focused on the science/policy interface and specifically, the integration of science, indigenous knowledge, stakeholder views and environmental philosophy in the pursuit of sustainable food systems.

She is currently employed as a Senior Scientist and Research Leader at GenØk Centre for Biosafety in Tromsø, Norway. Here she coordinates the transdisciplinary collaborative for Responsible and Sustainable Biotechnoscience (RootS) and is project leader for several international research projects on the environmental governance of controversial new technologies (e.g. biotechnology and nanotechnology). Committed to ecological ethics and a politics of socio-ecological care, the primary objective of her work has been to advance sustainability in food systems and responsibility in research and innovation arenas.

Fern has served as an expert delegate to the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) working group on the diverse conceptualization of values in nature. She is also a member of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board and past President of the international Society for the Study of New and Emerging Technologies (S.Net).

In her spare time, Fern enjoys hiking, snowboarding, kayaking and trying to grow her own food. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher and runs her own studio in Tromsø called The Peaceful Wild.

Gísli PálssonGísli Pálsson

Gísli Pálsson

Gísli Pálsson is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Iceland. He has written extensively on a variety of issues, including human-environmental relations, slavery, biomedicine, and genomics. He has done fieldwork in Iceland, the Republic of Cape Verde, the Canadian Arctic, and the Virgin Islands. He is the author, editor, or co-editor of many books, including Anthropology and the New Genetics (2007); Biosocial Becomings: Integrating Social and Biological Anthropology, co-edited with Tim Ingold (2013), Nature, Culture, and Society: Anthropological Perspectives on Life (2016), Can Science Solve the Nature/Nurture Debate?, with Margaret Lock (2016), and The Man Who Stole Himself (2016).

Pálsson has a keen interest in photography and human/other-than-human relations. Recently he has embarked on a new project that combines scholarship and the arts, science and history: the fate of the Great Auk (Penguinus impennis), which became extinct by the mid-19th century.

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