Getting to the venues

Blindern Campus

Two tram lines (17 and 18) and two subway lines (4 and 5) stop in the vicinity of the University of Oslo Blindern campus.

The tram takes about 20 minutes from Oslo Central Station. The nearest tram station to the venue is “Universitetet Blindern”.

The subway takes about 10 minutes from Oslo Central Station. The nearest subway station to the venue is “Blindern”.

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University Aula

The University Aula is easily accessible by all subway lines as well as five tram lines (11, 13, 17, 18 and 19).

The nearest subway station is “Nationaltheatret”.

The nearest tram station is “Nationaltheatret” where tram lines 13 and 19 arrive. Participants can also take tram lines 11, 17 and 18 to “Holbergs plass”, a five-minute’s walk from the venue.

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The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is located on the northern outskirts of Oslo. Two bus lines (54 and 25), two tram lines (11 and 12), as well as a local train stops in the vicinity of the museum.

From the Blindern campus the museum can be reached by taking bus 25 from “John Colletts plass” to “Kjelsås stasjon”. The ride takes about 20 minutes.

 From the city centre participants can take bus 54 to “Kjelsås stasjon” or tram lines 11 and 12 to “Kjelsås”. Both the bus and the trams take about 30 minutes from Oslo Central Station.

It is also possible for participants to take a local train using a normal Ruter ticket. Take train line L3 or R30 from Oslo Central Station to “Kjelsås”. Note that the train only departs every 20 minutes. The train takes 13 minutes.

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The conference venues at the University of Oslo offer accessible routes in and throughout and are located within short distance from public transportation (tram and metro), which is also wheelchair accessible. The main conference buildings are located within less than 2 minutes walking distance from each other. The routes between these buildings are wheelchair accessible with ramps and lifts. An onsite walkthrough will ensure the suggestion of the best and shortest routes. The spaces of The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology are fully accessible, while public transportation (train or tram) arrives just 5' minutes away from the Museum. If necessary, the Local Organizing Committee will ensure transfer by hired adapted and wheelchair accessible vehicles.  The Museum welcomes individual visitors and groups with disabilities daily and all participants will be able to enjoy all areas and facilities.

Please contact us directly if you have any concerns or require special assistance.

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