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Important dates

Deadline for all formats has been extended to 1st February.

5 November 2018–1 February 2019: Suggestion of Open Sessions on the ISHPSSB 2019 Session Board.

5 November 2018–1 February 2019: Submission of Organized Sessions, with rolling notification of acceptance.

1 February 2019: Deadline for all other formats

Early March 2019: Final notification of acceptance for all formats.

Registration fee payment (for both participants and guests):
- until 3 May 2019: Early registration
- 4 May–7 June 2019: Late registration

7–12 July 2019: Conference dates

The Oslo 2019 ISHPSSB meeting starts on Sunday 7 July with social events such as welcome speeches, reception with soft drinks and finger food, museum tours and film viewings at The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology. The last day of the meeting will be Friday 12 July with half-day of presentations and special tours in Oslo after the end of the program.

Linkt to ISHPSSB's website

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